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Are you looking for certified training courses in aesthetic laser treatments? Maybe you are thinking of buying a laser or IPL. Or have you bought a laser and are not completely satisfied with the results you’r getting. Look no further. LaserCollege.Org is your online training provider since 2003.
Your pathway to success starts here. Our courses will fully equip you to perform laser treatments confidently.

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LaserCollege.Org offers a range of courses for the professional aesthetic therapist. Our courses are developed for the therapist who wants to introduce laser therapy in his or her treatment portfolio. Whether you want to study laser, IPL, LED-treatments or a combination there of. We got the right course for you.   Click on continue reading to view a list of our courses. Continue reading “Our Courses”

About us

The LaserCollege.Org is a division of a South African registered company. We are licenced with the Department of Health. Our courses are underwritten by the Department of Health and the National Laser Center. We also have an European office from where we serve our European clients. You will learn more about us by clicking on continue reading.

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The difference between the “Advanced cosmetic laser therapist course” and the “Laser and IPL hair removal therapist course”?

We often get the question: Please explain the difference between the “Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course” and the “Laser and IPL Hair Removal Therapist course”? The “Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course” is a complete course covering all aspects of laser and light therapies. This course includes low-level laser, LED-therapy, high power laser and IPL. It …


A word that appears more and more nowadays in media is biomodulation. Biomodulation is a better descriptive word than low-level laser or LED-therapy for the biological processes stimulated with low energy photon irradiation.  With the advancement of low-level lasers and LED’s, it has become more probable that the devices utilizing these technologies also create a …